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The people in Antwerp and taxi sector is going to suffer like Brussels as Uber is coming

Readers of this post is going to learn a lot more about the rivalry between the traditional city taxi services of the different cities of the world and famous jaint Uber APP.

In order to benefit yourself please read the full report as I am keeping it informative, descriptive and graphic.

I want the publication of this report as much as I can through online news, local news, social media and social networks and I really expect from the readers to share as much as they can;


 Because anybody traveling to Belgium should know real facts how to benefits using the hired transfer taxi service in Belgium.

  • Why should you do not know the difference of regulated taxi service and Uber?

  • Why should you do not know if you are booking a taxi from Zaventem airport to Antwerp is costing you much less when you order from Brussels Uber?

  • Why is it not possible that maybe one day you are also going to visit Antwerp or Brussels and you are also in need of using a hired taxi?

  • Why you should not know if its simple and easy to know? 

If your answer is Yes to above three Y’s then let me to show you some real facts now.

I mean look at this picture first ………………..

 This photo is a snap shot of the prices of  Uber from Uber Brussels official website for ride from Zaventem Airport to Antwerp. 

Now, dear reader I would like to bring your attention to real rates offering by one of the famous Taxi company in Antwerp called https://www.taxiprovincieantwerpen.be

You can see the clear diffence of prices. Taxi Zaventem Antwerp shall cost you only €75 and also Taxi Antwerp Zaventem will also cost you the same price €75.

Ordering a traditional taxi indeed coming with following advantages over uber taxi:

Easy online booking

Welcome pick up at the airport including meet and greet without extra cost

Low prices in comparision with uber taxi

Lisensed taxi drivers

Insured taxis which has expensive commercial insurance

Luxury modern Mercedes Benz which is also one of the requirement by the town hall for taxi operator

Online payment, cash, card payment in the taxi, bank transfers, future payments on bills for regular clients

Now, the choice is yours what suits you the best.

Antwerp is a small city with only 460 active taxis in the city. Many times all of these taxis are not active. Small but very beautiful city of the country of European Union headquarters (Belgium) cannot accomodate the capcity of welcoming modern and globally famous APP like uber.

It was and yet a big question mark for the taxi drivers in brussels that why even authorities had to allow without asking regulated requirements to be met for a company like Uber.

Uber have been banned by many European countries because of regulated insufficiencies of meeting the requirements. Taxi sector is a highly responsible and regulated industry in Europe and any new competitors should meet the regulatory requirments at least. 

Better traditional taxi Antwerp then Uber. Uber does not have any regulated taxi drivers which will make the customers even to pay more.

Be wise for choosing your transport partner when visiting Belgium.

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