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How can you take a Taxi in Antwerpen to Amsterdam

City of Antwerp, Belgium is very trendy city for spending a great weekend especially a Saturday evening. It is also the same thing with the city of Amsterdam. In this post we are bringing the tips for both who live or visiting these two cities can how spend an evening in either from Amsterdam to Antwerp or from Antwerp to Amsterdam and return by booking a cheap taxi.

taxi provincie antwerpen

Now, You must be wondering that how can you do that with a taxi? It is costing much more money to take a taxi. I want to bring your point on sharing the taxi cost among 4 people. If 4 people take a train to Amsterdam from Antwerp and return It is costing you minimum €300 and you have small choice of picking up from your location and you have to be on the time you booked. In case you are failed to do that you will spend again some money to adjust your ticket again.

In the above picture you can see the timings and prices to book a taxi and it is for 4 people to go to Amsterdam and return next morning. But if you look at the Ist class prices it is not under €244 for each direction. so, traveling with train will cost you about €500 minimum to plan a weekend evening which is about €125 per person just for traveling cost with a train.

taxi antwerpen amsterdam prices

Now in the above picture you can see If you book a taxi it will cost you about €404 to go to Amsterdam and return with a taxi for 4 people. If you are 8 people, taxi will cost you only €484 to go to Amsterdam and come back to Antwerp. From the following statistics taken the official website of Europe Trains and Taxi Provincie Antwerpen we can see that average cost with the taxi is about €60 per person which is about 52% less than traveling cost with the train.

You can find the list of clubs here in Antwerp;

Clubs in Antwerpen

You can find the list of clubs here in Amsterdam;

Clubs in Amsterdam

This post is just to give an overview to the small groups of people how they can easily and at price of about €60 can vist different cities at their desirable timings. You do not need to have rush that you need to catch a train and you are visiting a nice city with luxious taxi.

You can also book from the following areas of Province Antwerp to go to Amsterdam and come back using the above method;

Schoten, Schilde, Kapellen, Brasschaat, Ekeren, Stabroek, Deurne, Berchem, Zwijndrecht, Beveren, Wommelgem, Brecht, Hoboken, Kalmtthout, Boechout, Merksem, Zoersel, Wilrijk, Boom, Mortsel, Edegem, Kontich, Hoogstraten, Borsbeek, Aartselaar, Hemiksem, Zandhoven, Schelle, Rijkevorsel, Wijnegem, Ranst, Wuustwezel, Linkeroever, Hove, Lint, Berendrecht, Rumst and Ranst

This taxi service also offering airport transfer to Schiphol from Antwerp. So, Now you have an idea to make your life much more easy. We shall be giving much more tips and trick of travel the different cities to be using taxi provinice antwerpen.

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